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Our preschool rooms offer an environment that promotes respect and a love for learning. We encourage children to develop independence while engaging in acitivities that will give them the chance to learn letters, math, science, social awareness and language skills. Our gross motor times encourage children to strengthen muscle tone as well as practice motor. We also learn through music, dance, and art activities so that the children are able to create and learn through their eyes. Our hands on developmentally appropriate acitivities prepare our children for what is awaiting them in kindergarten.

High staff ratio also helps us to give individual attention to the children as well as to be able to really talk and learn from them as they do us.

  We believe in encouraging our children do as much on their own as possible.  The lessons are based on what the children are interested in and where their creative minds are taking them. We try to build on what they enjoy as much as possible while still giving them all of the fundamental learning essentials that we know they need to move forward.  




Our preschoolers also enjoy weekly karate from the American Martial Arts Academy. This program promotes respect, discpiline, motor coordination, and following directions.  The children love this program and are proud of themselves for all of their hard work and accomplishments.

Art Class

Preschoolers also have art class once a week.  Ms. Cyndy is our art teacher and the kids have a blast with all the different creative projects she brings in for them to experience.  We love to let our kids be as hands on with their work as they want to be.  We have also all enjoyed their work around the center.



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